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Boot Camp

Currently on hiatus!

Elite Boot Camp is a program designed by co-owners Peter Rappoli and Keith Callanan nearly 20 years ago. Boot Camp put them on the map for their creativity, fun, and killer workouts! Boot Camp combines strength, cardio, core, and endurance into a group setting that will keep you accountable and get you in shape. Boot Camp is 5 weeks in length, with each workout lasting 60 minutes. 2 sessions of Boot Camp are available. To register, fill out the webform below and you will receive a confirmation. If you do not have a payment method on file for your membership, you can pay for the program by cash, check, or card at the club prior to the program start date. Sessions offered include:

  1. 6AM Boot Camp session, 3x/week Mon/Wed/Fri, $225 for members or $275 for non-members
  2. 6PM Boot Camp session, 2x/week, Mon/Wed, $150 for members or $225 for non-members



Boot Camp Testimonials

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