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Welcome to Elite!

Your one-stop source for fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy!

Elite Health and Fitness has been providing top-level fitness programming, sports performance training, and physical therapy/injury rehabilitation services since 2001. Founded in Stoughton, MA by Peter Rappoli, MS, CSCS, and Keith Callanan, PT, CSCS, Elite has grown into one of the region’s premier providers of fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy services and was recently ranked one of the Top 10 fitness facilities in Massachusetts.

We currently offer two convenient locations: Elite Health & Fitness Center in Stoughton and Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro. Despite the difference in names, both locations offer Elite’s unique combination of fitness, sports performance, and physical therapy/rehab services conveniently located in a single location.

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Elite Stoughton

Our recently-renovated Stoughton location offers a full-service fitness center and variety of fitness class offerings, such as spinning, Group Exercise classes, and a shake bar. We also have a Sports Performance Center in our Stoughton facility, which features cutting-edge performance training equipment and a turf surface for speed and agility training.

Elite Stoughton offers:

team running for fitness training

Elite Foxboro

Our Foxboro facility offers a sports performance/personal training center and physical therapy clinic. Our highly-trained team of physical therapists specialize in orthopedic and sports physical therapy and we pride ourselves on helping our patients return to the playing field or the activities they love. Our team of certified trainers has worked with thousands of athletes and clients at every level to help them improve their performance in athletics or improve their health and fitness so they can enjoy an active lifestyle. Our 4,000 square foot facility is located inside Mass Premier Courts, one of New England’s largest indoor basketball facilities and also home to RBI Baseball Academy, one of the premier baseball and softball training centers in the region.

Elite Foxboro offers:

Meet the Team

Experience Elite Health and Fitness

Our personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and physical therapists utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to help clients and patients restore and improve strength, increase flexibility, improve balance and dynamic stability, increase speed and agility, build explosive power, and optimize functional movement patterns. The versatile equipment and unique aspects of our facilities afford our trainers and therapists a variety of options that keep our clients and patients motivated, challenged, and fully engaged. In short, our team has the necessary tools and experience to take our clients/patients to the next level of their sports performance or rehabilitation process in order to maximize results and ensure excellent outcomes.

What Makes Us Elite?
  • An experienced, dedicated, and caring team of physical therapists, personal trainers, sports performance coaches, and strength and conditioning specialists
  • Top-level facilities and fitness equipment
  • Expert-level sports performance training & physical therapy services
  • Variety of training programs, Group Ex classes, and offerings
  • Focus on performance and injury prevention
  • Two convenient locations
  • Flexible scheduling and convenient hours
What We Offer
Why Train With Elite?

At Elite, we’ve worked with athletes, clients, and teams of all ages, from youth to professional and every level in between. Our highly-trained and experienced team of strength & conditioning specialists and sports performance coaches can design a program for you or your team that focuses on improving the most important attributes of athletic performance, including strength, speed, agility, and power.

Our trainers pay close attention to ensure our athletes use proper form and technique in an effort to maximize our athletes’ results while minimizing the risk of injury. By teaching and emphasizing excellent form during training sessions, we also help our athletes improve the quality of their individual workouts.

We also have a passion for injury prevention and can perform pre-season injury risk assessments for athletes and clients, which include the Functional Movement Screen and Y-Balance Testing. These tests allow us to identify faulty movement patterns, asymmetries in strength and mobility, and deficits in dynamic balance and core stability. By utilizing the data from these tests, we can help predict which athletes are at a higher risk of injury and provide corrective exercises that could help reduce the risk of future injury.

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Your One-Stop Source for Fitness, Sports Performance, and Physical Therapy!