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Bella Roppolo — July ’18 Athlete of the Month

Bella Roppolo first arrived at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro in late 2017 after suffering a torn ACL while playing soccer.  Since that time, Bella has worked closely with Clinic Director and Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, Ben Godin, as she set out on the long and challenging journey back to the pitch following ACL reconstructive surgery in December.  Over the past six months, Bella has proven to be everything that a PT could ask for in a patient: dedicated, hard-working, determined, and both mentally and physically tough.

Bella, 15, hails from Brockton and attends Thayer Academy.  She made Thayer’s varsity squad as an eighth-grader, scoring five goals and tallying fifteen assists in just her first year.  Not only does she play for Thayer, but on the US Development Academy for FC Stars and was selected to travel to Germany to train with FC Bayern Munich.  Despite her many accomplishments, she is also humble, funny, and always arrives at Elite with a smile on her face and ready to ‘get after it’ in the often grueling rehab process.

Never one to complain or miss a session, Bella has remained laser-focused on her goals of returning to competitive soccer, playing D1 college soccer, and even one day playing professionally.  Given what we have seen from Bella here at Elite – her work ethic, unwavering commitment, and mental and physical toughness – we have no doubt she will achieve even her most ambitious goals.  When asked what advice she would give younger athletes, Bella wrote, “Work hard and never let someone tell you that you can’t do something.”  Sound advice from someone who is no stranger to overcoming adversity! Congratulations, Bella Roppolo, Elite’s July 2018 Athlete of the Month!  We look forward to seeing you back on the field soon.