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Julia Marsden, 16, hails from Norfolk and is a junior at King Philip Regional High School in Wrentham, MA. Julia began training at Elite during the COVID-19 lockdown when Elite was performing virtual training sessions. Once Elite re-opened for in-person training, Julia joined the Re-Boot Camp program last summer. Following that experience, she was hooked on training at Elite and eventually transitioned indoors and is currently enrolled in Elite’s Athlete Training Membership.

As a multi-sport athlete at KP, Julia realized the importance of consistent training to stay healthy and elevate her game. Julia started as a freshman for the KP Girls Varsity Lacrosse team and is the only returning starter this year. She was recently named captain for the Warriors (as a junior!). She also plays for Gold Star Lacrosse and has been invited to try out for the MA/RI National Team!

Along with lacrosse, Julia also plays basketball for the Warriors and has been named captain for the 2021-2022 basketball season as well. A great leader on and off the field and court, Julia draws inspiration from her favorite athlete, Vince Wilfork; “He knows his role on the team, and he got the job done.” Julia does just that. When she steps on the court or field, she brings an unmatched spark of energy and sense of composure that helps elevate her team’s performance. On the sidelines, Julia can always be found loudly cheering on her teammates and providing instructions, in true captain’s fashion.

Julia has made a point to continue to train during her lacrosse and basketball seasons as she values the strength, power and speed that she has worked so hard to gain and does not want to lose it during her season. Julia enjoys Elite’s flexibility in training schedules, which offers various training sessions throughout the day, as well as the ability to schedule sessions online. With her constantly changing game schedule, Julia never misses a week of training. When asked what advice she would give to other athletes, Julia says, “you can’t always control how well you play but you can always control how hard you work.” That’s great advice and another example of Julia leading by example and serving as an outstanding role model to Elite’s younger athletes. Julia’s outstanding results back up her consistent approach to training; check out the improvements in her power, quickness and sprint speed below!

After high school, Julia hopes to continue her educational and athletic at the college level and study elementary education. Elite is excited to announce Julia Marsden as Athlete of the Month for June, 2021! Congratulations, Julia, and good luck with the remainder of your lacrosse season!

Elite offers Sports Performance and Athlete Training programs at both our Foxboro and Stoughton locations. To learn more about our programs for athletes of all ages and sports, how you or an athlete in your family can become our NEXT Athlete of the Month, or learn more about our 20th Anniversary Summer Sports Performance Special, click HERE or email us at!