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Did you know that April is National Youth Sports Safety Month? Here’s how Elite can help!

There are many steps we can take to help improve the safety of our youth athletes, including wearing the proper protective equipment, ensuring proper nutrition, adequate hydration and plenty of sleep, and teaching our kids the correct techniques and form when performing sport-specific activities. However, one of the best things we can do to help keep our young athletes healthy and injury-free is to provide them with and coach them through a well-designed, evidence-based, and supervised strength and conditioning program. Performing a good dynamic warm up prior to a practice or game is a great start, but this doesn’t compare to well-designed, science-based program coached by a certified, experienced strength and conditioning professional.

Here at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy, we’ve trained thousands of youth athletes of all levels, from the Little League to future professional athletes, for over 20 years. We’ve seen first-hand not only the tremendous improvements in our athletes’ performance, but also the added benefit of injury risk reduction that a quality strength and conditioning program can afford an athlete. Obviously, there’s no full-proof way to prevent every injury, especially those of a traumatic nature, but a quality, personalized training program can go a long way to helping prevent those injuries that could have been avoided.

Here at Elite, we’ve had the opportunity to both coach our athletes during their sports performance training and also treat thousands ofY-Balance test - Zoe C injured youth athletes. We see first -hand the physical, emotional and psychological impact that a devastating sports injury can have a young athlete, along with the financial impact it can sometimes have on a family as well. We work hard to help these young athletes return to the sports they love and the social circle that helps define them, but we often wonder if the injury could have been avoided or prevented with the proper training.

For these reasons, the team of physical therapists and sports performance coaches at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy are passionate about keeping our young athletes healthy, injury-free, and enjoying the sports they love! In recognition of National Youth Sports Safety Month, we are offering a special offer on Elite Athlete Training programs. During the month of April, we’ll be offering a FREE ATHLETE ASSESSMENT (normally a $49.99 value), which includes a thorough Movement Assessment and performance testing, to evaluate an athlete’s strength, endurance, mobility, stability and overall quality of movement. To schedule yours today, email us at (Foxboro) or (Stoughton). Take advantage of this great opportunity and sign up today!