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Aaron Blinn, 17, of Mansfield, has been training at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro since 2018. Aaron is a pitcher and outfielder for the Mansfield High School baseball team and also plays for the GBG Hawks. Over the years, Aaron has developed into a strong and powerful athlete who continues to improve every time he steps into the Elite Sports Performance Center. Check out the improvements in speed, agility and power that Aaron has demonstrated since starting at Elite!

Along with success in the weight room, Aaron is finding success on the baseball diamond. In 2019, Aaron’s team won the Regional Championship with a dramatic walk-off double. Aaron has also turned heads when he is on the mound for the GBG Hawks and Mansfield Hornets with his impressive 84 mph fastball! Aaron says that working hard to be the best player he can be may take some sacrifices, including time with friends, but that his goal is to better himself every day.


He says that the best advice he received was the following: “When everybody else is stopping, keep going to separate yourself from the rest.” Aaron follows these words every time he steps into Elite.

When asked what defines a true athlete, Aaron responded, “A true athlete is someone who puts the extra effort in to train but then goes the extra mile to do more.” Aaron has consistently put in the work over the past few years and has seen great results; he’s increased his strength tremendously, adding a lot of muscle mass in the process, as well as improving his speed, agility and explosive power.

When asked what he loves most about training at Elite, Aaron highlights the supportive atmosphere. Whether it is testing day or a heavy lift day for Aaron, he can always count on not only his coaches but also his fellow athletes to motivate him and cheer him on!  Aaron says his favorite part of training at Elite is that Elite’s strength coaches always challenge him and push him to do more.

With his dedication to his sport and to constantly getting better, coupled with his strong work ethic and consistency, we have no doubt that the future looks very bright for Aaron! We look forward to helping him reach his goals and develop into the best athlete he can be. Congratulations to Aaron Blinn, our Elite Athlete of the Month for January 2021!

Elite offers Sports Performance and Athlete Training programs at both our Foxboro and Stoughton locations. To learn more about our programs for athletes of all ages and sports and how you or an athlete in your family can become our NEXT Athlete of the Month, click HERE or email us at!