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Hunter Malkin, 14, of Stoughton, has been training at Elite Sports Performance Center in Stoughton for the past several years and has demonstrated excellent improvements in his strength, speed, and explosive power during this time. Hunter is a dedicated two-sport athlete, exceling in both baseball and basketball. He pitches and plays first base for the East Coast Eagles on the diamond and plays Center/Power Forward on the court. Even though he’s still very early into his playing career, he’s already had several impressive accomplishments, including being a part of two Little League championship teams, two basketball championship teams, and even winning a Home Run Derby at age 10! However, Hunter’s proudest athletic achievement to date is pitching a complete game shutout in a championship game.

Hunter began training at Elite because he realized that he needed to put in the extra work necessary to reach his ultimate goal of someday playing Division 1 college baseball and professionally. He says that the best advice he received was the following: “Work harder to push yourself in the offseason. This stuck with me because it’s the best chance to get better.” When asked what defines a true athlete, Hunter responded, “A true athlete is someone who is dedicated to their sport. You need to work hard to be the best athlete possible.” Hunter has consistently put in the work over the past few years and has seen great results; he’s increased his strength tremendously and added a lot of muscle mass in the process, as well as improving his speed and power.

When asked what he loves most about training at Elite, Hunter has high praise for Elite’s training staff, including sports performance trainer David Siwiec, BS, CSCS, and Master Trainer and Elite co-founder/owner, Peter Rappoli, MS, CSCS. Even though all of our athletes come to Elite to work hard and get better, Hunter tells us he also appreciates the sense of humor that is a part of Elite’s welcoming and supportive culture and community. With his ambitious goals and strong work ethic, Hunter has no intention of slowing down now: “It’s impacted me because it’s made me realize how much work I actually need to put in for me to make it. I still train because I know there’s always room for improvement.” Nothing it seems, even a global pandemic, can get in the way of Hunter and his long-term goals!

With his dedication to his sport and to constantly getting better, coupled with his strong work ethic and consistency, we have no doubt that the future looks very bright for Hunter! We look forward to helping him reach his goals and develop into the best athlete he can be. Congratulations to Hunter Malkin, our Elite Athlete of the Month for December, 2020!

Elite offers Sports Performance and Athlete Training programs at both our Foxboro and Stoughton locations. To learn more about our programs for athletes of all ages and sports and how you or an athlete in your family can become our NEXT Athlete of the Month, click HERE or email us at!