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Lateral Epicondylitis, commonly known as Tennis Elbow, is a painful condition involving tendons that attach to the bone, the lateral epicondyle, on the outer aspect of the elbow. A tendon anchors muscle to bone. The extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) muscle is involved in this condition and it helps to extend and stabilize the wrist. There is degeneration in the tendon where it attaches to the bone, causing pain with activities involving lifting, gripping and/or grasping.

The majority of people with lateral epicondylitis have never played tennis. Causes include overuse or trauma with a direct blow to the outside of the elbow.

Approximately 80-95% of people with lateral epicondylitis get better with non-surgical treatment which may include rest, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, PT or OT, use of tennis elbow brace and/or steroid injection.

Visit our Occupational Therapist if you believe you may be suffering from Tennis Elbow.