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Elite is pleased to welcome aboard Brianna Laurila. She is our newest employee, and she is a Registered Dietitian (RD) here to help you with your nutritional needs.

First, let us tell you what she is all about, then we will tell you what she can do for you.

Brianna is an RD – which is not the same thing as a nutritionist. She has more education than a nutritionist: she has a degree in the field from the University of Rhode Island and has completed a 1300 hour internship from The Ohio State University. In addition, she is licensed by the state of Massachusetts. She is here to help you with your personal dietary needs and questions as well as your medical ones. There is a big distinction there. For a full bio on Brianna, click here.

Why use Brianna’s services? Well, hiring an RD can do just as mentioned above – help you with your personal nutrition goals and/or your dietary medical issues. Maybe you are not seeing the results you are expecting from your workouts and need help tweaking your diet. Perhaps you have a medical condition that could use the assistance from a better eating plan. Not to mention hiring an RD helps you stay accountable, on the right path, and motivated. Most of us can use some extra motivation here and there; especially with the holidays fast approaching us.

Private meetings with Brianna will be tailored to your unique needs, goals AND taste buds. We want our food to taste good, right? She can help you with that. No need to eat plain chicken, rice and lettuce all day. In this day and age with fast-food joints on every corner, the ease and abundance of packaged food, the leftovers in your work conference rooms, is it easy to get off track. Let her help you STAY on track once and for all.

Our new RD has much to offer us here at Elite. She has already been part of the Weight Loss Challenge. She also will be doing a whole host of other things such as:

  1. Private Consultations (Upgrade to our Top Tier Membership and get individualized monthly meetings specific to YOUR needs and additionally receive 50% off of Meal Plans and 50% off of Education Workshops).
  2. Weight Loss Support Groups
  3. Cooking Demos
  4. A La Carte Options for Members or Non-Members
  5. Workshops
  6. Meal Plans
  7. With more to come, so stay tuned!

For details and pricing on what Brianna can offer YOU, click HERE.