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Private and Group Training Programs

Elite’s Private and Group Training programs, our customized training options, are the perfect programs for individuals or athletes seeking customized training or a sport-specific program design. All programs begin with an introductory, complimentary movement evaluation and training session with one of our personal trainers. We devote this initial session to performing a thorough assessment and evaluation of each client to ensure that we identify and address the specific needs and goals of each client.

Training Options

Private Training

Everyone has unique goals and different ways to achieve them. Your Elite trainer will personalize a training program built with science and instructed with passion and excitement. Whether it is weight loss, enhanced performance, or just living better, it can all be achieved in our one-on-one training programs. Elite’s Individual Athlete Training program, our most personalized training option, is the perfect program for athletes or individuals seeking one-on-one training and customized specific program design.

Based on the results of the assessment and the goals of each client, we then develop a customized training program. Each training session is performed under the direct supervision of your Elite trainer, allowing for the ultimate in personalized coaching, instruction, and guidance to ensure proper form and technique with all exercises.

Adult Semi-Private Training

Elite’s Semi-Private Training Program offers the benefits of personal training and quality program design with increased flexibility of scheduling, all at a much lower cost than traditional one-on-one training. Each training session is performed under the direct supervision of an Elite trainer in semi-private training sessions, ranging in size from 2-10 clients.

man training with tire lift

What Makes Us Elite?

  • We work with individuals as well as athletes of all ages, from youth to adult
  • We design customized training programs based on your specific goals and abilities
  • Sports-specific programming for athletes
  • All of our trainers hold a Bachelor’s degree in the field (i.e. Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology) or a nationally-accredited certification in personal training or strength and conditioning, and many of them hold both
  • Increase strength/flexibility/endurance
  • Improve fitness/core strength/power
  • Flexible scheduling

“Elite has a fantastic staff. I have now been [training] once a week for 7 weeks. I have dropped 24lbs and have a new outlook on life. They have trainers to fit your specific needs and you are paired with the right one for you. The rest of the staff is always around and willing to help. They always have a smile for you. I am almost 50 and on my way to being in the best shape of my life. I can’t thank [Elite] enough… I look forward to every training session.”

– Paul Chamberlain, Personal Training Client

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