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Cornelius Bates Jr., 16, of Bridgewater is a sophomore at Bridgewater-Raynham High School. Cornelius is an avid baseball player and been playing for almost 12 years. He pitches and plays first base for the Matt Duffy Knights and the Bridgewater-Raynham High School Trojans.  

Throughout his baseball career, Cornelius has traveled along the east coast to compete in tournaments with his team, going as far as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He credits the time he threw a three-pitch inning as his greatest accomplishment in his sport. He also fondly recalls the year he and his team won a town baseball championship. 

Cornelius has been a part of the Elite Sports Performance program since the Fall of 2022. One of Elite’s most consistent athletes at both locations, he trains in Stoughton with Coach Bill twice a week, as well as joining the Bridgewater-Raynham High School Baseball Program’s team training in Foxboro with Coach Katie. When he first started at Elite, he had three simple goals: to “throw harder, hit harder, and run faster.”

In the last year, Cornelius has seen and felt major improvements in his baseball performance, and hopes to only get better. His favorite exercise is the dumbbell chest press and his favorite dynamic stretch is open/close the gate. When asked what his favorite part of Elite is, Cornelius highlights the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, allowing him to feel comfortable asking questions when needed.

Cornelius names his brother as his greatest role-model, explaining that “he always encouraged me to do better, and was always helping people who needed it.” When asked what defines a “true athlete,” Cornelius emphasizes that “passion and a drive to compete and play better in their sport” are key. The best advice he has ever received is “[not to] be afraid to make mistakes.” He explains that this advice has helped him both on and off the field, and he would offer the same words of wisdom to younger athletes. Looking towards the future, Cornelius plans to go to college and hopes to continue his baseball journey while there.

Elite is honored to announce Cornelius as our Elite Athlete of the Month for March, 2024. We can only hope that his unwavering consistency, hard work, and positive attitude serve as an inspiration for athletes new to our program. Congratulations, Cornelius– keep up the good work!

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