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After an injury, surgery, or onset of certain conditions, your physician may ask you to see a Certified Hand Therapist.  Your prescription for therapy might include the need for a custom orthosis, commonly referred to as a brace or splint.  A custom orthosis is a device that is molded to and worn on a specific body part.  The device can help to protect and support bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves and keep these structures in safe positions to optimize healing and recovery.  It can also be used to fix deformities or help people with limitations function better.  These splints are custom made by a Hand Therapist specifically for the patient. Some of the reasons your doctor might prescribe a custom orthosis include arthritis, tendon injuries, ligament injuries, nerve injuries, fractures, repetitive strain, pain, weakness and burns.


Custom orthoses are commonly made from a thermoplastic material that is a low temperature plastic. The hard plastic is heated and becomes soft and pliable and is molded to the affected area for a custom fit. As the material cools, it becomes rigid. The orthosis can be used to immobilize, mobilize or partially restrict movement in a specific area. 

At Elite, our Certified Hand Therapist, Jessica Cesario, OT/L, CHT, is specialty trained in making custom orthoses for the elbow, forearm, wrist, hand and fingers. If you are in need of a custom upper extremity orthosis, call Elite today at 781-436-0391 or email us at and set up an appointment to see Jessica today!