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Emma Redding – November ’18 Athlete of the Month

Emma Redding, 12, gymnast and field hockey player from Mansfield, began at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy – Foxboro in March 2018.  Doctors told Emma and her family she would never be able to compete in gymnastics again and she needed to “find another sport.”  Not ready or willing to give up the sport she loved, Emma took that suggestion and used it as extra motivation to work even harder in her quest to return to gymnastics after having surgery on both elbows.  Never judge a book by its cover, because this petite, sometimes reserved athlete, packs a lot of strength, determination, grit and drive into her 5′ frame!   Emma worked extensively with Physical Therapist and Mansfield High School Assistant Varsity Coach Meredith Rogazzo, PT, DPT, CPT-ACSM (also 5′ — dream team!) — “she always gave 110% and was willing to take my advice.”  Emma’s dedication to both her rehabilitation and strength training program has improved her endurance, strength, and confidence.

Emma Redding Workout pic

Many other athletes may have heeded the advice of doctors and retired from the sport they loved.  However, as a competitive gymnast for more than ten years, Emma was not quite ready for retirement.  It’s true that everyone loves a winner, but sometimes winning isn’t about a medal, nailing a dismount or getting a perfect score, it’s about overcoming a challenge, and that is exactly what Emma did!  Emma is most proud of herself for never giving up or losing hope.  This past October, Emma made a remarkable comeback and successfully returned to gymnastics – competing on bars and beam for the first time since her injury, 18 months ago!  She is even performing handstands!

Elite is excited to announce Emma Redding as our Athlete of the Month for November 2018!  Congratulations Emma, we are so proud of you returning to the sport you love! We look forward to seeing what your future holds.