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Eve Rodriguez — October 2019 Athlete of the Month

Eve Rodriguez, 17, standout Norton track & field senior is this month’s Athlete of the Month at Elite Sports Performance and Physical Therapy in Foxboro!  She competes in a sprint and jumping events for the Norton High School Lancers and has been training at Elite for over a year, seeing significant improvements in finishing times in ALL her sprint events.

Eve participates in all of what Elite has to offer – she trains in both our strength-based and speed & agility sessions.  Her main focus has been to improve her speed, but mostly to become a better, more well-rounded athlete.  “I’ve had good races and mediocre races, but I have enjoyed them all.  When I have a mediocre race, I know there is always another to look forward to.”  Always hungry for more!  This year, her greatest accomplishment was decreasing her finish time in the 300m event by six seconds.  She has also decreased times in the 55m, 100m, and 200m sprints.  Elite challenges you to beat Eve on the Woodway Force treadmill!  This specialized treadmill is designed specifically for speed, acceleration, and athletic performance training.  The system works by tethering an athlete in place so they become the “drive” or “force.”  Instead of a motor, there is actually a break, so you have the ability to increase resistance and take training to the next level!  The Force gives our sports performance coaches and personal trainers at Elite Sports a remarkable edge in training athletes, like Eve, for speed, explosiveness, and anaerobic endurance.

Eve’s hard work, competitive drive, sportsmanship and increased efforts at Elite has helped earn her the title of ‘Most Improved Athlete’ at school and she is now proudly a captain for both the indoor & outdoor track and field teams in her senior year.  What an amazing accomplishment!  She is always supporting Elite’s younger athletes acting as a constant source of positivity on the turf — “Don’t focus on another athlete’s progress, focus on being the best athlete YOU can be and everything else will fall into place.”  “It’s never too late” and “there is always room for improvement and new opportunities.”

Eve Rodriguez test result table

After her senior year wraps up, Eve looks to continue working hard academically and athletically.  She wants to build on everything she has accomplished her senior year — continuing her track & field career and majoring in kinesiology.  As a long-term goal, she is hoping for a career in physical therapy at a Division I track program and one day hopes to own her very own sports performance training facility for young athletes, just like Elite Sports!

Elite is excited to honor Eve as Elite’s Athlete of the Month for October 2019.  Good luck in your final high school indoor & outdoor track & field seasons!