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Jake Gosselin — August 2019 Athlete of the Month

Jake Gosselin, 13, of Mansfield has been “getting after it” at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro for over a year and has seen incredible improvements so far!  Jake participates in Elite’s strength training and S.P.A.R. classes, as well as Elite’s strength & conditioning programs offered through the GBG Hawks baseball program.

When Jake was in middle school, he qualified for the state track & field meet in multiple events; including shot put, discus, and the 100m dash.  He also was awarded MVP of his track & field team for his performance this past spring.  In the fall, Jake will be attending Bishop Feehan High School and is looking forward to participating in football, baseball, and track & field for the Shamrocks!

Jake would be at Elite all day, every day if it were up to him — he is one of the athletes we have to emphasize on adequate rest time between training sessions.  With growing pressure to specialize in a specific sport at increasingly young ages, keeping athletes healthy and injury-free far outweighs any perceived competitive advantage from excessive training.  Jake’s dedication to becoming stronger, faster, and more powerful are seen in his sport-specific test results. He enjoys the challenging but supportive atmosphere and camaraderie among the Elite community.  He is always working hard to earn a top spot on our ‘Elitest Board’ – a chalkboard at Elite of current record-holders for specific sports performance tests ranked by age & gender.  As of right now, Jake has taken over the board for his age group and put up some impressive numbers in the broad jump, vertical jump, T-test, and Force sprint:

Jake Gosselin test result table

We are excited to see Jake’s hard work and dedication to his training over the past year continue to pay off when he gets to Bishop Feehan this fall!  We are proud of his accomplishments and his commitment to grow and develop as an athlete.  Most of all, we are excited to name Jake Gosselin our Athlete of the Month for August 2019!  Congratulations, Jake!