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Josh Smith – March ’17 Athlete of the Month

Over the past nine months, Josh Smith, a talented track & field and cross country athlete at King Phillip Regional High School, has been rehabbing and training at Elite after suffering a torn ACL and undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery. During this time, Josh has proven himself to be one of our most committed, consistent, and motivated athletes, determined to return to the sports and activities he loves; including competing in sprinting, high jump, and javelin.

Prior to his knee injury, Josh set the freshman school record at K.P. in the 400 meters and was also voted ‘Newcomer of the Year’ for the Freshman Cross Country team. In addition, proving that he’s equally talented in the classroom and community, he was selected for the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence and recognized by the State of Massachusetts and the Attleboro Elks for their Youth Leadership Award.

Josh tells us that training at Elite has helped him become “much stronger, quicker, faster, and overall better shape,” and adds, “the trainers are extremely nice and I am always sore the next day.” When asked to share his words of wisdom with younger track and field athletes, he states, “When your lungs are burning and your legs are limp, it is important to push through the pain and complete the race.”

The long road to recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery to return to athletics can often feel like the most challenging “race” in the world for a young athlete. During our time working with Josh, he has impressed us all with his maturity, his incredible dedication to his rehab and training, and his ability to maintain a positive attitude and constant smile throughout it all. We are excited to learn that he hopes to one day become a physical therapist so he can help young athletes like himself along their own road to recovery. We have no doubt that Josh will continue to do great things on the track, in the classroom, and in his community, and we are so proud to honor him as our Athlete of the Month – Congratulations Josh!