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Kirsten Alexson, 15, of Stoughton, has been training at Elite Physical Therapy & Sports Performance in Stoughton for the past two years. She first began training at Elite in January with a simple goal: “To get stronger and faster.” As a track and field athlete for the Stoughton HS Black Knights, Kirsten realized the importance of adhering to a well-designed strength and conditioning program and working with a good sports performance coach to help her reach her goals and maximize her performance. Since she began training at Elite, she has also realized the results of all of her hard work: “I am faster, stronger, and more confident.” Despite her excellent gains while training at Elite, she has no plans to stop now as she wants to continue to improve her lower-body strength and power and continue to improve her performance on the track.

Over the past several months, Kirsten has worked under the supervision of Elite Sports Performance Coach, Danny Ramsey, BS, CSCS, who has been impressed with Kirsten’s work ethic and commitment to her training program. Kirsten tell us that her favorite exercise is the hex bar deadlift and her favorite dynamic stretch is the single-knee-to-chest pull. When asked what defines a true athlete, she tells us, “A true athlete is someone who doesn’t give up and puts in 100% effort…It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes.” When asked what advice she might give to some of our younger athletes, she says she would tell them to “do what you enjoy and don’t give up on your dreams.” As for Kirsten’s dreams, she tells us that she plans to attend college and would like to continue her sport at the collegiate level if she has the opportunity. In the long run, she says her ultimate goal is “to do something I am passionate about.”

Kirsten has been training at Elite consistently for over 2 years, which is a big reason why she’s continued to make gains and see positive results. She tells us that one of the main reasons she’s remained so consistent is because she “found a passion for working out to make my body stronger.” As to why she enjoys training at Elite, she says, “The staff are friendly and kind” and would highly recommend Elite to her fellow athletes looking to improve: “It’s a good program for other athletes to get stronger and better at their sport.”

Over the past two years, we’ve seen first hand Kirsten’s work ethic, consistency and dedication to getting stronger and more powerful, and we know these qualities will serve her well in whatever passions she decides to pursue in the future! Congratulations to Kirsten Alexson, our Elite Athlete of the Month for March, 2022!

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