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Liliana Brancato, 13, of Foxboro, has been training at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro since last April, when she arrived at Elite as a multisport athlete looking to improve her performance in several sports. In addition to playing basketball and competing in cross-country, Liliana also trains in multiple martial arts, including jiu jitsu, krav maga, and kempo. 

During her time at Elite, Liliana has put the work in and made significant improvements in the weight room. Her favorite exercise is the dumbbell bench press and she loves to challenge herself each week by increasing the weight or reps. She values her training at Elite and is always curious about how each exercise is going to improve her performance as an athlete. When asked what advice she might give to younger athletes, she encourages athletes to “take every chance to get better that you can.” 

Over the years, Liliana has had success on the basketball court, winning a league and state championship, along with winning a few tournaments. More impressively, Liliana has earned her black belt in kempo, a form of martial arts that involves striking and self-defense techniques. Liliana also trains out of Impact Martial Arts in Walpole and alongside her black belt in kempo, she also holds her blue belt in krav maga and will be participating in her first jiu jitsu tournament soon! 

When asked what defines a true athlete, Liliana tells us that “a true athlete is someone who gives 100%” all the time at the sports they do.” She also believes that a true athlete and needs to have “dedication and heart” to do well in their sport. Liliana names her martial arts instructor, Mr. Lynch, as her role model. She says that he pushes her to her limits but also has taught her the mindset behind pushing herself to those limits as well. Mr. Lynch also has taught Liliana about perseverance and it shows in all aspects of her life.

Liliana has been training at Elite consistently for the past 6 months, which is a big reason why she’s continued to make gains and see positive results. She tells us that one of the main reasons she’s remained so consistent is because she knows her training at Elite has helped her improve her strength, speed and power. She also enjoys the atmosphere of Elite, getting after it with her peers and making new friends along the way. Check out Liliana’s impressive gains below!

Looking forward, Liliana would like to continue her martial arts training, specifically jiu jitsu, and would eventually like to become an historian. We’re excited to announce Liliana Brancato as our Elite Athlete of the Month for November, 2023! Congratulations, Liliana!

Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy offers Sports Performance programs and Sports Physical Therapy  at both our Foxboro and Stoughton locations. To learn more about our programs and services for athletes of all ages and sports and how YOU or an athlete in your family can become our NEXT Athlete of the Month, click HERE ! Our Winter Sports Performance Program kicks off on November 27th so give us a call at 774-332-1723 (Foxboro) or 781-436-0391 (Stoughton) to learn more or sign up today!