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Jenna Tivnan, 20, of Easton, has been training at Elite Foxboro since we first opened back in 2013. An accomplished soccer player, Jenna is a rising junior at Syracuse University, where she plays center back for the Orange and has been a starter since she arrived as a freshman. Prior to Syracuse, she attended Governor’s Academy, where she was selected team captain and was a two-time selection to the All-State team. In addition, Jenna played for the Boston Breakers Academy and helped lead her NEFC club team to a NPL Championship and US Club National Championship in 2016. Clearly, Jenna’s accomplishments on the pitch are many, but it’s her work ethic, positive attitude, and commitment to her sport and her training that truly set her apart here at Elite.

Jenna began training at Elite at the age of 13 with the goal of becoming a better overall athlete. Over the years, she says her performance has improved “in all the best ways – I’m faster, stronger, and more agile.” She says that she continues to train at Elite all these years later because of “the great people, environment, and programs…everyone is always working on the grind but willing to say hi and catch up.” No stranger to adversity, Jenna has dealt with her share of injuries over the years and has also received physical therapy care at Elite Foxboro on several occasions. When faced with adversity, she says, “The best advice is to just keep working. The only one holding you back is you. You can do far more than you think.”

When Jenna started training with us at age 13, she was one of our youngest athletes. Today, she’s one the most respected and appreciated role models at Elite and always willing to share her experiences and advice with younger athletes. “Do what you love, and when you feel like you’re getting down in your sport (or anything), just remember why you love it, how you felt while playing when it was just for fun, and just keep your head down and keep working.”

No one works harder than Jenna, and it is her work ethic, commitment, and attitude that truly make her Elite. We are extremely proud to honor Jenna Tivnan as our Elite Foxboro Athlete of the Month for July, 2020. Congratulations, Jenna!