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Kyle Murphy, a sophomore at Mansfield High School, arrived at Elite last summer to prepare for his first high school football season. Kyle plays on both sides of the ball as both a wide receiver and defensive back for the Hornets. He truly loves the game of football and looks forward to his training sessions to prepare for the upcoming season. He gives everything he has every time he steps onto the turf of Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy.

Early during Kyle’s freshman year at Mansfield, he suffered a tibial spine fracture and meniscus tear in his right knee. For several months, he worked tirelessly with Elite Physical Therapist, Ben Godin, DPT, SCS, to regain his range of motion, strength, agility, and confidence in his knee. He worked incredibly hard during his rehab process and focused his energy on returning to the gridiron this fall. Even when his rehab program was put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis, Kyle kept his eyes on the prize by working hard on his home exercise program, as well as running and biking on his own, to ensure he continued to make progress. By the time he finished his rehab program at Elite, he was performing heavy single leg strengthening exercises, high-level agility drills, and had demonstrated amazing progress in his lower-body strength and power! He has since returned to sports performance training at Elite with Katie McCarthy, BS, CSCS, and continues to work on his leg strength, power, speed, and agility.

Hopeful that there is a season this fall, Kyle has been training hard at Elite Foxboro since we reopened in June. However, Kyle not only focuses on his skills on the football field, but also in the classroom. He was awarded the Academic Scholar Award last season and plans to continue his education by attending college and hopes to play college football if the opportunity arises.  Kyle’s work ethic and commitment as both a patient and athlete are inspiring, and Elite is honored to name Kyle Murphy as Athlete of the Month for August 2020! Congratulations , Kyle, and keep getting after it!