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Samantha (“Sami”) Sloan, 15, hails from Foxboro and started training at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in June in our Outdoor Boot Camp program. In addition to Boot Camp, she’s currently working hard in our Athlete Training program to improve her strength, power, vertical jump, and endurance in preparation for her upcoming volleyball season. Even though she’s only been training at Elite for a short time, she’s quickly impressed the training staff at Elite Foxboro with her strong effort, great attitude, and dedication to improving in her sport.

Sami has been playing volleyball for 4 years for both the Mass Premier Club team and, more recently, Foxboro High School. She received the JV Coaches’ Award during her freshman year at FHS, and her MPC club team finished second place in their first tournament appearance last year. Prior to volleyball, she played many different sports but upon discovering volleyball realized that she had finally found a sport she truly loved. With her season approaching, she’s been working hard to improve her skills, athleticism, conditioning, and overall game to ensure a strong season ahead.

Since she started training at Elite, Sami tells us that she’s already noticed improvements in her strength, endurance, and overall conditioning. Her favorite exercise is the Sled Push (we don’t hear that very often!) and says, “When [trainers] Katie or Ben say they believe in me, it makes me keep sled pushing and running!” She tells us that she loves that both the staff and members at Elite are encouraging, as well as the custom-designed workouts: “I love the trainers and how the workouts are personalized for what I need and want to work on.”

When asked what defines a true athlete, Sami demonstrates a wisdom beyond her years: “A true athlete is someone who is more than just the team’s best hitter or passer. It’s someone who does their best on and off the court. A true athlete possesses good sportsmanship, patience, strength, focus, and inspires their teammates.”

Sami clearly possesses many of these qualities and has been inspiring the training staff here at Elite since she arrived! We are very excited to honor Samantha Sloan as our Elite Athlete of the Month for September, 2020. Congratulations, Sami! Keep up the great work at Elite and we wish you a successful season ahead!

If you’re interested in learning more about Elite’s Athlete Training programs, please click HERE!