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Cassie Davidson – August ’17 Athlete of the Month

Cassandra Davidson, 15, of Easton, has been training for basketball at Elite since last October and has seen some amazing improvements in her strength, agility, power and overall performance!  Cassie will soon be starting her freshman year at Thayer Academy and will be playing basketball and volleyball for the Tigers.  Thayer is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented athlete joining their ranks!

Cassie is an extremely hard worker and loves to “get after it” while training.  As a result, Cassie and her coaches have noticed great results from her training program, as she is faster, stronger and more powerful on the court. And the numbers don’t lie…Cassie has improved her T-Test time, a test that assesses speed and agility, by 1.5 seconds and increased her vertical leap by 3 inches since beginning her training!  These gains have translated into her improved performance on the court, as she has helped her team, the Mass Premier Royals, to win 4 Massachusetts AAU State Championships.  With all of her success at Elite, Cassie was even able to convince her team to train with Elite during their AAU season, where they trained together as a group to work on speed, conditioning, agility and injury prevention.

Cassie is also no stranger to adversity, as she suffered an ankle sprain earlier this spring and worked extensively with Clinic Manager, Ben Godin, to rehab following her injury.  Cassie displayed the same level of commitment to her PT sessions as she did her training sessions because she wanted so badly to get back on the court to help her team win.  She made a fast and full recovery and was quickly back to training and playing because of her dedication to her rehab process, commitment to her team and positive attitude.

Cassie always walks into Elite with a huge smile on her face and full of energy!  She usually needs it as trainer Katie McCarthy is always ready put her through a tough and creative training program, which Cassie loves!

Her dedication to Elite and basketball is second to none and we know she will continue to succeed on and off the court!  We are excited to see what the future holds for Cassie and look forward to continuing to work with her in the years ahead.  Congratulations, Cassandra Davidson, Elite’s Athlete of the Month for August 2017!