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Dylan Rappoli — April ’19 Athlete of the Month

Dylan Rappoli, 13-year-old from Foxboro, joined the Elite team back in June 2018 and has not looked back since! Training for lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball, Dylan has regularly participated in Elite’s Athlete Training Membership and S.P.A.R. classes. For a while, Dylan was constantly being pushed and challenged by her younger brother, Nolan, during their grueling S.P.A.R. workouts, but now has transitioned into training with her friends, Marissa, Brooke, and Makayla in preparation for high school sports! Dylan will be attending Foxboro High School this fall and is excited to begin her career as a Warrior on the field and court!

Dylan is a standout lacrosse player (her favorite sport to play!) after just picking the sport up in 6th grade. She is excited for her upcoming season with her Foxboro 8th grade travel team, as Dylan and the Foxboro Warriors are coming off an undefeated season last spring and look forward to defending their division championship! Dylan also will be playing for the club lacrosse team, Laxachusetts for her 3rd season, where she is a starting defender on their 8th grade Elite team

Dylan has seen amazing improvements over the last few months and was excited to begin her strength training journey at Elite!

She has a great personality and is always looking to push herself and her friends to work a little harder (even her brother at times too!). Dylan’s hard work at Elite has helped her become faster, quicker, and more explosive than ever! She is a regular in Elite’s S.P.A.R. class and is constantly looking for ways to improve her technique to improve her overall performance!

Dylan Rappoli workout pic

Dylan has some great advice for any athlete starting a sport at a later age than others, like her with lacrosse, and says “it does not mean you cannot succeed if you put the work in!”

After high school, Dylan hopes to continue her lacrosse career in college while preparing for her ultimate dream career of becoming a chef!

We are beyond excited to announce Dylan Rappoli, like Elite’s Athlete of the Month for 2019! Congratulations and welcome to the AOM Club Dylan!