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Maura Borah – April ’17 Athlete of the Month

Maura, hailing from Mansfield, has been a member of Elite Sports Performance and Physical Therapy in Foxboro since October 2015.  We are excited to announce her as Elite’s FIRST ADULT Athlete of the Month!  Her perseverance in the face of adversity, dedication to a healthy lifestyle for both herself and her family of five, keeping up with physical activities by making exercise fun and enjoyable, and never giving up has earned her this coveted title.

Maura initially began at Elite as a physical therapy patient, treating regularly with Eric Farley, PT, MPT.  We asked Maura how she eventually overcame her injury, Maura said, “I injured my back.  If it wasn’t for Eric… It took a long time and being motivated at home to complete the exercises.”  Maura was consistent with the home exercise program and eager to get back to running and her routine activities.  She offers words of encouragement and advice to others: “Have a goal and don’t lose faith when it does not come together right away.  Stick to it!”  And that is exactly what Maura did. Upon discharge from physical therapy, Maura transitioned to individual personal training with one of Elite’s Personal Trainers, Emily T., twice a week.

Maura Borah Workout pic

In addition to running, Maura enjoys skiing, golfing, staying active with her kids, and personal training at Elite.  “I can keep up with my kids, and that’s a big deal to me!  I feel great after my workouts and it makes me feel more youthful.”  Maura has made significant gains in her upper body strength, which she mentions was one of her long-term goals and her lower back feels more stable than ever.  She is able to do more and has successfully returned to running!

Maura’s determination and drive are admirable, and she is truly an inspiring woman and mother.  Elite Sports Performance and Physical Therapy are honored to give her the title of Athlete of the Month for April 2017.  Congratulations Maura!