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Matt Francisco, 16, hails from Taunton and began training at Elite Sports Performance & Physical Therapy in Foxboro in February, 2020.  After taking a short hiatus, he returned to our Outdoor Boot Camp program this summer and has recently returned to Elite’s Athlete Training Membership. As part of this comprehensive training program, Matt enjoys both our STRENGTH sessions (resistance training) and  working up a good sweat in Elite’s S.P.A.R. (Speed, Power, Agility and Speed) sessions.  By focusing on improving all of aspects of athleticism, Matt has quickly learned that his hard work is producing great results!

Training multiple days throughout the week, Matt has put in extra work to achieve his goal of improving his speed, agility, and quickness. His training sessions include wall drives, heavy sled pushes & drags, lower body strengthening, improving his arm swing mechanics and working on his overall stride length. Check out Matt’s impressive pre- and post-training stats below to see the impressive gains he’s made so far.


Matt has often been told by his coaches that “touchdowns are caught in the off-season.” This quote resonated with Matt and provides constant motivation to work as hard as possible.  He describes a true athlete as “someone who is always trying to better themselves and those around them.  It’s important to set goals and work as hard as you can to achieve them.”  Matt attributes some of his successes at Elite and on the gridiron to the coaches at Elite. “They help me realize what I need to do to be successful on and off the field.  They inspire and encourage me to keep working hard!”  Elite Sports Performance Coach, Katie McCarthy, CSCS, raves about working with Matt: “Coaching Matt is easy!  As Matt has become more comfortable with me and at Elite, he brings his own motivation, himself.  He is never satisfied.”

The Elite training staff is extremely proud of Matt for all of his hard work and determination to get better every time he enters the Elite Sports Performance Center.  Elite is very excited to announce Matt Francisco as Athlete of the Month for October 2020! Congratulations Matt, and keep getting after it!

Sports Performance Training at Elite

Elite offers Athlete Training Memberships at both our Stoughton and Foxboro Sports Performance Centers. If you or an athlete in your family would like to train at Elite and work toward becoming our NEXT Athlete of the Month, take advantage of our current 2020 Back-to-School Sports Performance Special – 20% off your first month of training! For more details about our Athlete Training programs and our special, email us at or contact us HERE.